by Diamond Greene, LCMFT

Friday, January 14th, 2022

Have you identified your goals for 2022? Do not neglect your marriage/relationship when you think about the things you would like to improve this year. Your relationship requires just as much attention and effort as your savings goals or wellness goals. Here are three goals to consider as you begin a new year with your partner:

  1. Fight Fair: Utilize your communication skills. I-statements, reflections, and VALIDATION are your friends. These will also help to improve communication between you and your partner. Conflict is inevitable, so when it does occur, make sure to fight fairly. This means not using degrading language, no stonewalling, taking turns talking, no yelling, and taking a time out if things get too heated.2.Prioritize Your Emotional Connection: Do you know your partner’s love language? If not, you both should take a quiz to find out and take time to do something to fulfill one and another’s love languages. When was the last time you all went on a date? Try to make it a goal to have weekly or bi-weekly dates. These do not always have to be outside of the home if this is not realistic for you all, but be intentional about spending quality, uninterrupted time together.

    3. Commit to the Daily Question: Is there anything I can do to make your life easier today? Teamwork is very important for successful couples. Figure out how you all can support each other and be sure to express gratitude when your partner fulfills your request.