by Diamond Greene, MS, LGMFT

September 25th, 2020

With another school year starting, many parents are now faced with the additional stress of helping their children navigate the nuances of virtual learning. This is not only a stressful experience for parents, but for children as well. Here are a few tips to help alleviate some of the stress and have a successful school year:

  1. Create a positive learning environment

If you have not done so already, your child should have a designated space to complete their school work. It will be helpful to encourage your child to keep this space clean and free of clutter as this can be very distracting. If possible, noise cancelling headphones can be helpful to eliminate any extra distractions as well. If your child has a phone, they should not have access to it during instruction time.

  1. Encouraging motivation for online learning

Encouragement and praise go a long way! When your child finishes a difficult task, gets a good grade, or completes notable work, consider offering some sort of reward. Rewards do not have to be a physical item or time on a device, but an opportunity for your child to spend quality time with you or make a fun decision for the family like choosing a board game for a family game night. Scheduling in time for fun throughout the day can also be a helpful tool for encouraging motivation. Setting aside time to take a walk outside, do a physical activity, or a creative activity can provide a needed break for your child during the day.

  1. Help your child maintain social connections

One major thing that kids are missing about school is seeing their friends! The social learning that a school setting provides is pertinent to your child’s development. Encouraging your child to maintain communication with their friends can also be very helpful during this time. Planning virtual play dates with your child can help them maintain their friendships and fulfill social needs.