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  • Unheard or that your feelings are dismissed by your partner
  • Emotionally and physically disconnected from your partner
  • Having trouble reconnecting with your partner after a major life change (birth of a baby, grieving the loss of a parent, job change or move)
  • Threatened by your spouse’s emotional affair
  • Struggling with trust issues in your relationship
  • Reaching levels of verbal conflict and communication that you never anticipated
  • Simply wanting to get back to an easier and more loving time with your spouse
  • Needing a roadmap back to your relationship
  • Trying to decide whether to stay or leave your relationship


We encounter difficult relationship situations every day, and we can help. Don’t lose hope. Call, email or text us today to schedule an initial consultation, so that our team of highly trained marriage and family therapists can guide you through the next steps of your life.

We pride ourselves on being professional and compassionate resources to our community. We are open and communicative. We welcome and have experience with all couples: dating, cohabitating, married, LGBTQ, coparenting, and non-monogamous couples. You are in good hands here.

We welcome individuals who are dealing with difficult life transitions like divorce, and anxiety and depression. We care about you feeling better!

We also want to reach out to families who are struggling in their relationships with their children and adolescents, due to behavioral problems, ADHD, anxiety, or “attitude problems.” It’s not easy. Let us help you and be part of your family team.




When can I schedule an appointment? What kind of sessions do you offer? Can I pay through insurance? What do I need to know and do before arriving at your office?

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[We began therapy because of] my husband’s affair. I highly recommend Meg. She helped us through a tremendously difficult time in our lives. She’s very easy to talk to and is non-judgmental. Our relationship is so much better because of Meg.

We started to notice ourselves continuously using tools that we learned and bringing us closer together as a couple. It was nice learning ‘how to fight’ and understanding how anger was a secondary emotion… Wilson was a great fit for us and our personalities. Thank you for your patience with us! We are so very thankful that life led us here.
Meg has been a comfort for me. She goes beyond the realm of ‘this is my job’ to ‘I care.’ She takes her time to try to understand things clearly and then offers suggestions on resolutions. She does everything in her power to try to help.
Wilson was always friendly, made us feel welcome and comfortable when talking to him. Made it easy to open up. Thank you for listening and giving us the techniques we need to continue to grow in our marriage.

Thank you for giving us the tools to help make our relationship stronger and to open up our lines of communication. We will always think fondly of you when we look back to the time leading up to our wedding and the beginning of our new life together. It was wonderful having you to talk to.

Wilson has been very good at remaining neutral and helping us work through our differences. I’m really glad we did this. We were both a bit skeptical at first but therapy really helped us build a better relationship.
We really enjoyed working with Wilson and plan to do ‘accountability’ check-ins with him as we go forward. Wilson was thoughtful and made us both feel seen, heard and valued. He also made the sessions fun for us so it didn’t always feel like just hard emotional work. He knew how to get us to come in as a team.

Dr. Hart’s no-nonsense approach to therapy was a game-changer for me. He calls each partner out when appropriate and insists on personal accountability. Dr. Hart is a very confident provider and it was comforting to hear him say “I can get you through this,” and know he meant it. He takes pride in his work and it meant a lot to see how invested he was in our success.

I would ABSOLUTELY return to Dr. Hart… and I will definitely recommend him to anyone else I know who needs couples therapy. Dr. Hart is the opposite of the woo-woo hippie therapist that so many people dread. He almost approaches therapy like a sport, which was appealing to my partner and me. He talks game theory and goes over plays; he assigns drills and reviews your game tape each week. He wants you to win and he believes that you can. It is incredibly motivating.

Our therapist [Diamond] was very professional but also very easy to talk with. I never felt there was judgment or side taking. She always gave us both a chance to talk and made sure neither of us monopolized the conversation.

I found the entire experience helpful. I learned a lot… Diamond was very helpful, understanding and patient.
We needed help in our marriage… We feel that we are in a much better place… I felt like I could be open and honest when talking to/with Diamond and with my spouse… Diamond was supportive to both of our needs during these sessions.
My husband and I were drifting so far apart that we were barely speaking. We both learned some new ways to speak and to listen to each other and to appreciate where the other was in their lives. The quality of counseling is excellent and the outcome certainly worth the travel and expense. Thank you, Meg, very much for all your help. You do have wonderful skills and it was a pleasure to be on the receiving end of them. You have made quite a difference in our lives.
Jasmine’s ‘homework’ was extremely useful and we were very happy with how she led our discussions.

Rolonda is an exceptional therapist who truly brings great wisdom to a therapy session.

[Therapy] has helped me tremendously! I always leave in a better condition than I came! Meg is a godsend. She is very understanding, yet firm in her suggestions that have always helped once I applied them. I recognize my growth and the change that has taken place to help me become a better daughter and mother.

RCC was rated in the “Top 12 Businesses in Columbia” 2020 Nominated by Patch Readers:
“I was hesitant at first to switch from in-person to teletherapy (video) because talking through a computer screen seemed less intimate and I was afraid I wouldn’t be as open or vulnerable. However, therapist Meg Tenny made the transition feel seamless. Meg is easy to talk to and her empathy and care helped me to express what I was feeling. RCC has been a tremendous comfort during the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19!”

My wife and I were having a lot of trouble communicating. I don’t normally like sharing too many feelings with someone I don’t personally know, but Meg made me feel very comfortable and that allowed for some real growth. I appreciate all the work that Meg did to help my wife and I rediscover why we came together in the first place. She really stuck with us, especially when things got really hard.

This experience with Jasmine has been so helpful and life-changing. I am so grateful for her expertise and constant support.

Jasmine’s kind, empathic and validating approach to therapy [was most helpful to us], and feeling like each session was individually tailored to us. She helped us a) recognize and appreciate our unique strengths as a couple, as well as b) identify problematic patterns that were preventing us from communicating effectively. We really feel that our relationship is stronger as a direct result of working with Jasmine, and she was both flexible and sensitive to our needs as a couple and as individuals.

I was a bit hesitant in starting this journey because my partner was so negative about therapy that I knew I would only have one shot to show him a good therapy experience. As we went into our first session I was holding my breath praying “Please God, let this therapist be a good match for us.” Dr. Hart was all that and more… I will be forever grateful to Dr. Hart for creating the environment that allowed my partner to ask for help and believe it was accessible to him.

Diamond was very insightful and patient with me. Helped me remember what was going correct in my life and helped me pull out of negative spirals. Recognizing and reversing negative self-talk was important for me to do; she gave me the tools to it.